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  Mentored Research Program  

The INBRE summer program runs for ten weeks, starting late May ending in late July, early August, with an all-day research symposium. Each student will be responsible for designing a poster and writing a paper (journal style) on their research project. The poster will be displayed at the research symposium that is held the last day of the program. Summer faculty fellows will make oral presentations during the day as well. We ask that all mentors plan to attend the research symposium to support their student and the program overall. More detail will be supplied at a later date regarding the symposium.

Each summer we schedule Friday afternoon seminars/workshops for the students and faculty fellows at UAMS. Students are required to attend the Friday afternoon seminars.

Please provide background material prior to the start of the program. Consider contacting your fellow prior to the start of the program by email or phone and forward relevant reading material and/or references.

Please consider the following recommendations when interacting with your INBRE student fellow.

  • When developing the project keep in mind the student’s background. All INBRE student fellows are undergraduate students and many of them have limited exposure to the research environment and may feel overwhelmed when they arrive in your lab. It is important the student feels comfortable asking questions.

  • Projects need to be based on six to seven-week experiment that would allow them to get orientated to your lab the first week and then devote the last week of the program to preparing their poster and paper.

  • Make the project intellectually challenging.

  • Clearly convey your expectations at the start of the program. Agree on a timeline and offer to meet with the student regularly to discuss progress. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your fellow’s progress, please discuss the situation immediately with the student.

  • Always remember that what they see and learn in your lab can have a noticeable impact on their future efforts, their perception of the research process and your institution.

  • Encourage your lab members to take an active part in the mentoring process, participation in lab meetings and departmental seminars should be strongly encouraged.

Thank you again for being an INBRE mentor and please feel free to contact the INBRE office (501-526-6515) at any time during the summer program with your concerns and questions.

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