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Student Fellow Manuscript Guidelines


At the conclusion of the summer research program, participants are expected to prepare a manuscript describing his or her project and their major findings and conclusions. The format is similar to that required for submission of the work to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The expected length is 5 –10 pages, although longer manuscripts may be appropriate given the nature and success of the project. The suggested length is designed to be a guide and not a requirement. The manuscripts will be edited into a single document and published. Each participant will receive a copy of this booklet, and a second copy will be sent to the participant’s mentor.

For consistency, we request you consider the following guidelines in preparing your manuscript:

The manuscript should be typed in a ‘Times New Roman’ font. The required sections are:

  1. Abstract (100-200 words)
  2. Introduction
  3. Experimental Section
  4. Results
  5. Discussion (or combined Results and Discussion section)
  6. Conclusions
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. References

The title and all headings will be in 14-point type, bold, while your affiliation will be in 10-point type. All text will be in 12-point normal type.

Please note: Due to formatting issues when compiling the manuscripts into a single document we request that all reports are prepared on a PC rather than a Mac computer.

If you have any questions, we will defer to your mentor’s judgment as to what is appropriate in their discipline for a scientific manuscript.

Summer Program Mentors


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